About Jim Skiff Music

Jim grew up in Waterford, PA and has spent time living in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California. He started playing guitar when he ws young and fell in love with singing, playing music, and songwriting. He recorded his original album, flower and sword, in 1979 for Icarus records. Flower and sword is an alternative folk, somewhat new age album involving his own originally written guitar and vocals in addition to french horn, piano, violin, percussion, handbells, and other instruments. His new age lyrics have a hint of mysticism in addition to soothing tones coupled with hard hitting verses. Skiff continues to write and record original music, focusing on cultural and sociopolitical issues of the time. Jim hopes to share his work with the public and has also recorded as a member of the Pittsburgh's Songwriter's Circle. Jim recently released an EP, titled Don't Ask Questions, with the help of his daughter, Erin, and Michael Hickman, and Paul Hannon. In addition, Jim is planning on releasing a new album in the near future, called Sky and Lake. Sky and Lake is a collection of songs of and about wildife and landscapes created on the shores of Lake LeBouef in Waterford, Pennsylvania

Coming soon: Jim's new album: Sky and Lake